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Game Info & Q&A

Post by Polar Bear on Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:00 pm

To Be Updated further.

About The Game

Game Rules

  • You are required to edit your own character sheet whenever something new happens such as stat changes and equipment changes. You can edit it from your own character profile post, your character sheet is generated and placed there for you. This also does not mean edit it wrongly. You will be removed from the game if it becomes a problem.

  • Please only post one fight thread at a time. That way everyone playing has equal chance to play at the same time. This also goes for PVP fights as well.

How To Play
Before you can start you will have to go here and fill out the character application so it can be approved by a game master. Then your character sheet will be generated for you which allows you to start playing.


How do the stats work? Stats are used during combat. AGI is what we use to pick who attacks first. STR is your overall damage stat. END is your defense stat which is effected by your equipment.

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