Character Creation Application(READ ME)

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Character Creation Application(READ ME)

Post by Polar Bear on Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:05 pm

Before you can start playing Steel and Aether, you will need to create your characters profile. The application can be found below. Please create a new post and fill out the application so it can be approved by a game master and your character sheet can be generated. Thank you!

  • Character's Name -

  • Character's Race (Any fantasy race will do) -

  • Character's Age -

  • Character's Gender -

  • Character's Picture(Not required) -

  • Character's Bio(Not required) -

HP - 50
STR - 1
AGI - 1
END - 1

Head -
Torso -
Legs -
Hands -
Main Hand -
Off Hand -

Notes(Don't Edit This)
Every time you level, which a game master will tell you when you do, you gain 25 hp and also 2 stat points, which can be put into AGI, STR, END, or into HP. If its used for HP then you gain 5 more HP on top of the 25, for a total of 30.
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